Upcoming Active Dreaming Workshop: “Dreamgates – Exploring Imagination, Creativity and Consciousness”

It’s time for one of our favorite, out-of-the-box programs to kick off in the upcoming weeks: an Active Dreaming workshop specifically designed for curious and exuberant minds who are ready to initiate or embark on new projects, of any profession or passion. 

The event will take place on the 25th of August, from 3 PM to 5 PM, on the occasion of a highly anticipated local event called Flight Festival, a place where innovators, creators, leaders, and dreamers alike are highly welcome—all you have to do is sign-up on the official website.

The place where Luminspino and Active Dreaming meet

During this workshop, we invite people to dive deep into the potential of dreams, images and symbols, to experience dream sharing and synchronicity games, to bring back gifts of imagination, in an interactive way. Active Dreaming is a rich and hands-on practice that can bring genuine insights in our daily lives, our communities, and our organisations. 

Here are a few of the instruments we bring into our Active Dreaming practice:

  • Exploration of spontaneous dreams of the night, which, often throughout history, were the origin of breakthrough innovation;
  • Lucid dreaming, where stories and images are taken further, with the purpose to harvest new information, seek solutions, or create future endeavours;
  • Navigation by “synchronicity”, quite a well-known term nowadays, defining the art of living by spontaneity, play and imagination

About our workshop facilitator

When she’s not working on a project proposal or writing for her ongoing PhD in Consciousness Studies, our CEO and founder Raluca Ioana CIBU-BUZAC serves in another area of specialty as a Dream Teacher of the “Robert Moss School of Active Dreaming”. This is how she summarizes her involvement in Active Dreaming: 

For me, Active Dreaming is one of the most direct and impactful ways to invite people to experience consciousness. As a border science, it brings along elements of the study of dreams, history, anthropology, philosophy, mythology, psychology and even quantum physics. It provides a seamless way to navigate in between various states of consciousness.

For the past 4 years, I dived deep and fast into this practice, by attending thematic workshops in various locations in Europe, as well as by graduating the complete  Dream Teacher training levels. In 2019 I hosted my first 2-day Active Dreaming workshop in Amman, Jordan, and then, in December 2019, I started the series of on-premise and then online sessions of “Dream Circle Timisoara, Romania”. In October 2020, I facilitated an Active Dreaming session in Stuttgart, for innovation professionals.

About the program

This program is aimed at helping participants gain practical tools for harvesting the inspiration provided by alternate states of consciousness and unleashing the imagination in order to create, explore and innovate. In order to achieve that, we will perform a few key activities together during the program.

  • Dream Sharing – interplay of individual and group insights
  • Creative Dreaming – imagination, ideation and innovation
  • Synchronicity Game – novel approaches to envisioning the future, decision-making and action.

Those who join us can expect various outputs as part of the experience that Active Dreaming can provide for them. It can range from receiving fresh information from the so-called “solution state”, in between sleep and awake, clarity in envisioning future endeavors and acting upon them, dream journaling as a constant practice of accessing fresh insights and making decisions in everyday life, and many others. 
If you wish to find out more about our workshop and sign-up to join our event, please visit the official website of Flight Festival.